This page is a tribute to @ZellerHeller, a sub-canon roleplay account on Twitter.

Name: Brian Zeller
Age: 36




Forensic Analyst





Aaron Abrams

For the official Wiki page of the actual character, see Brian Zeller (TV).


Regarding personality and behavior, this portrayal of Brian Zeller has stayed relatively true to Bryan Fuller's adaption, though they may act in some OOC (out-of-character) ways in casual conversation on Twittibal. In SLs, however, they strive to remain IC (in-character) at all times.

As for his personality traits, Brian Zeller is a comical and lively character, cracking jokes and puns when his AE is clever enough to come up with them. He is logical and independent and doesn't dwell too much on emotional dilemmas, if he can muster. He has a bad habit of playfully flirting with people he may or may not be interested in, often sending mixed messages.

Brian isn't afraid to speak his mind and firmly stands for what he claims when he does speak. He frequently calls out other people if he doesn't agree with them, though he tries to do this in a classy and civilized manner. His confidence and competitive nature can be seen as simple arrogance, but it's more of a specialized knowledge and specific rather than general. Nonetheless, he despises being talked down to and belittled, especially when it comes to his intelligence.


Brian Zeller is a forensic coronary analyst in Behavioral Analysis Unit of Quantico, Virginia. He uses his knowledge from a medical degree to determine the victim's cause of death. However, in the context of Twittibal, his job plays little part in the SLs (storylines) that happen and is referenced only minimally, as of now.

In NBC's Hannibal, Brian Zeller is a relatively minor character, having only a few lines in each episode. However, on Twittibal, he is one of the original roleplayers and has made quite a significant reputation for himself. Having been involved in prolific sexual affairs, he's been dubbed as "#TheBiggestHoeOnTwitter" and received the much-envied and sought after "Hoephy" award (no, for the last time, it does not belong to Cordell Doemling, I don't care what you say).


Most of his SLs surround Brian's interactions with other characters of Twittibal, most notably Mason Verger, Mark Davenport, and Mischa Lecter. As for the romantic relationships he's had beforehand, well... there's a gamut.

Firstly, there was his failed marriage with Lisa Matthews. The two met in college and hit it off, dating for a couple years before Brian popped the question and got a firm yes from Lisa. Their first few years together were relatively content; it wasn't until the fourth year that things got tense. Lisa was getting impatient with Brian's reluctance to have children, which she desperately wanted. This breeded resentment on both sides toward the other. Brian discovered soon after she had stopped taking her birth control, which sprung up a series of harsh arguments that left him sleeping on the couch. The constant tension with her lead him to seek others outside of the marriage, which she suspected and only provoked more conflict. The final result was Brian being kicked out with nearly nothing but the clothes on his back, as Lisa poured bleach on all the rest. They got divorced and Lisa kept the house and most of the belongings.

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