The page to learn the meaning of some common Twittibal hashtags.

#EatPeters Edit

Popularized by the Hannigram Bunch SL featuring the head doctor of the children's ward at the BSHCI, Doctor Peters, who terrorized NateJames, and Cam during their stay in the asylum. Peters' crimes include contributing to the long line of sexual abuse Nathan recieved at the hands of older men and psychologically tormenting Cam during his time as his therapist. Later, after witnessing Jacob kissing James during a conjugal visit, he turned his sexual attention to James. The #EatPeters tag is often used to lighten the mood in a very dark story line.


M_Verger's AE is infamous for teasing out information about his life and appearance, specifically when Abigail RPers are concerned. You can find this tag used whenever he is being particularly stingy with information, or in the bios of those he frequently victimizes. He is getting help for this problem. 


Harkening back to the character's orgins as a flashback RP account, @_SafetyScissors continues to be his AE's outlet for cringe-worthy suffering. The original series of solos that defined him as an OC detail his early struggles such as his mother's death and a serious ear injury, which only grew progressivly worse as he was shuffled from foster home to foster home until, finally, he was institutionalized in the BSHCI. Frequently the reply to one of his solos is merely #PoorJames.


The highest praise possible from Bee.


The universal excuse for Brian Zeller.


Basically, someone has jumped the shark or done something particularly clever. 

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