This page is for the romantic relationship between Jacob Knoll and James Beauregard.

Jacob Collared


Ton 8


It's not surprising that the two boys were drawn to each other when they first met. They are similar in age, Jacob older by ten months. Both have long hair and share the same androgynous style. Though at first irritated to be sharing his new adoptive parents with more children when James and the rest of
After Sex Tissues

The first gift

the BSBs were brought into the house, Jacob took an interest in James after discovering just how thin the wall between their bedrooms is.

James was torn between being offended and being intrigued by his adopted brother. He accepted an offer to smoke a joint together, quickly seduced by Jacob's charm while shotgunning. James proved himself to be more than just a naive child being taken advantage of. Though only fifteen to Jacob's sixteen, he activly participated in the flirtation, giving his newfound playmate the affectionate nickname "Jake" which has spread to use by some other family members. He also used his injury to procure a medical marijuana card that they continue to share even after James' condition has become stable.

James With a Baby

Despite moving into the same bedroom and continuing a very intense romance, there have been plenty of obstacles for the boys. James' brief return to the BSHCI, Jacob's continuing friendship with Mason Verger, and Jacob's heroin addiction among them. One dark cloud that looms in their future is the fact that Jacob has yet to tell James how his parents died. James, who hopes to someday have a family, would be horrified to hear that the death of his lover's parents and unborn sibling were not, in fact, at the hands of a stranger. Only time will tell if these two will be able to endure...

Song: Sin by Nine Inch Nails                                                                                You give me the anger.

You give me the nerve.

Carry out my sentence.

While I get what I deserve.