Name: Mark Davenport, aka Leopard
Age: Older than he looks




Strip dancer, porn movie director, currently unemployed


Father: Giles Davenport

Brother: Ethan Davenport


Engaged to Mason Verger


Ben Barnes

This page is dedicated to Mark Davenport. He is an original character and not found in any Hannibal book, movie or television show.


Mark suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) often known as Multiple Personality Disorder. When he is himself, Mark is easy going and playful with a good sense of humor. He tends to push his way into everything, often needing to be the center of attention.  He has been a sexual deviant, but now that he's in a relationship with Brian and Mason, he's settled down.

Mark also tends to be a bit of a kleptomanic. Any new place he is introduced to is explored as soon as he feels safe enough to do so, and often objects will end up in any number of "stashes" he keeps around the house.

Leopard: Edit

If there were other personalities existing inside of Mark, Leopard overtook them years ago and is the only alter still in existence. He's aggressive, arrogant and has an addictive personality. He surfaces whenever Mark feels threatened or depressed, and once he's out, he doesn't like to go back to sleep. He's had a habit pretending to be Mark on occasion. Leopard is addicted to cocaine and is possessive of Mason Verger . He currently doesn't get along well with Brian Zeller .   


Childhood: Edit

Born in England, on February 16th to Giles and Mina Davenport, Mark is the older brother of Ethan Davenport. His father Giles made his millions as a lawyer who accepted brutal court cases no one else wanted. When Mark turned eight, his father took him out on a fishing trip with a recent client for whom he'd just won a court battle. Something terrible happened on the boat that day, and several times after which forced the spliting of personalities. 

The Coming of the Leopard:Edit

After repeated sexual abuse by his father and his father's clients, Mark began to draw back into his mind and a much stronger side of him came out to deal with his life. Nicknamed "Leopard", this persona defended Mark and took the abuse for him. Mark rarely remembers anything that happens to him while Leopard is in control. 

Oasis and Boy Hunter Studio:Edit

After coming to America to escape his father's wickedness, Mark couldn't sustain himself. After three weeks, he ended up on the streets, stealing and doing whatever he could to survive. On a cold evening, he was caught breaking into a car belonging to nightclub owner Charlie. Faced with imprisonment, Mark agreed to work for Charlie at the Desert Oasis as a dancer. He had just turned nineteen.

By his twenty-fourth birthday, Mark realized he couldn't strip dance forever and with Charlie's financial backing, he began the porn film studio Boy Hunter. Many of the older dancers at Oasis became his talent in the films. This was ultimately how he and Mason Verger met.

In his time at the Oasis, Mark made many friends including Mason, Rabbit and Werewolf.

Current Situation:Edit

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Mason Verger: {Under Construction}Edit


-- Leopard calls Brian either by his first name or FBI, where Mark calls Brian "Z", most often.

-- Has on rare occasion been seen wearing high heels. A possible third alter.

-- Charlie was the one to originally name the alter "Leopard".