Name: Mason Verger
Age: 35




Meat-Packing Mogul


Molson Verger (father), Margot Verger (sister), Leena Verger (half-sister), Matty Verger (son)


Married to Mark Verger (nee Davenport)


Gary Oldman

This AE's in-character Mason Verger account is @FoxCameRunning.


This Mason Verger is an AU parody account that does semi-serious SLs and accepts crossovers. The differences from canon hinge on two events in Mason's life: Abuse as a small child from his father and the aftereffects of "FDay" (Face-Day), where his injuries as a result of his run-in with Hannibal Lecter were medically treatable and he received a second chance.

Much of his personality is similar to how it is portrayed in the novel Hannibal by Thomas Harris. He is dismissive of the help others give him at times, conniving, self-entitled, and willing to do whatever it takes to get what he desires. Very few people in his circles are immune to this. He also has a habit of saying exactly what he thinks, even if it is crude or ill-timed.

He has severe mental scars from his abuse, a contributing factor to his pedophilic tendencies, which he has more or less contained on threat of a return to his crippled state. He is far more in danger of giving in to his old heroin addiction.

[For a canon Mason Verger, see @FoxCameRunning]


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Oasis and MarkEdit

See Mase Verger

Mason Verger 13

The Lost YearsEdit

A Trial and TherapyEdit





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AE's other accountsEdit

Mason's AE has numerous other RP accounts and a writer's account. Though they don't want to leave them all in one place, they will add most of them in a list here as their wikia pages are made.

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