Name: Hannibal Sassypants Lecter
Age: As old as my tongue and a little bit older than my teeth




Fashion Police

Queen of Sass and Twittibal


Daughter @NightmareDoe


Engaged to @AsgardianMenace


Mads Mikkelsen
Flower crowns and cannibal puns are common on Twittibal. But who wears them best? Who puts the "hot" in psychotic? Sassy Hannibal!

He's more likely to greet you with a pun that causes horrific "Fannibal Feels" and an S formation snap than the usual Twittibal "Online" but he can still take storylines pretty seriously...although he can never quite resist sprinkling glitter and body parts whilst riding his trusty Nightmare Stag across the timeline (Yep, that actually happens - better get used to it!)

Twittibal's influence on other fandoms is also very noticeable. Our character's frequently roleplay with other fandoms, including #NorseRP, which is where our friendly neighbourhood cannibal finally found love (D'aww) with the Asgardian trickster, Loki. (@AsgardianMenace) Their ship name was coined #Lokibal and seems to have been the first "Hannibal/Loki" pairing, but that is nearly impossible to confirm! 

Sassy Hannibal's other relations include his daughter, The Nightmare Doe... [Under construction] ...and it has been hinted during various roleplays with the Sherlock fandom that Sassy Hannibal's brother is Charles Augustus Magnussen. 

Sassy Hannibal also took the service that saw one of Twittibal's favorite couples get married, #Bederick. 

The owner of the account has changed several times in the past year, but now it seems to have stayed put for the last few months, allowing for more regular roleplay.